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12-Dec-2017 07:37

MORE: Best soundbars 2015The minimalist design isn’t in the least eye-catching, but it’s functional at least.

Build is reassuringly sturdy so you won’t be afraid to mount a hefty TV on top of it.

As ever we’d recommend playing around with them to find a sound mode you like most.

The TV5 (like the TV2) is analogue-friendly, with both 3.5mm and RCA sockets, and an optical input too.

The light glows green, blue or white depending on the mode and will flash when looking for a Bluetooth device to pair.It’s this weighty low end that helps to balance out any treble brightness audible in the TV2, meaning the TV5 can be pushed loud and still maintain complete control across the frequency range.It’s really comfortable to listen to over long periods, with no hint of harshness.It's only been a few months since the Cambridge Audio TV5 breezed its way to a five star review, but with a recent price drop bringing it to within £50 of its smaller TV2 sibling, we thought it was well worth another look.

Ultimately, the TV5 is a larger version of the Award-winning TV2.

The Cambridge Audio TV5, the successor to the more petite, single-subwoofer TV2, is a mid-range base for A/V enthusiasts with screens less than 55 inches.