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For example , an IDC report that was sponsored by Microsoft® in 2006 found that 25% of websites offering counterfeit software also attempted to install spyware, Trojans, and other malware that can compromise computer systems and environments.In organizations, counterfeit software can increase IT costs substantially.For example, a genuine hologram image changes as the disc is tilted.For in-depth information and examples (with visuals) about how to identify genuine Microsoft holographic discs and COAs, visit the How to Tell website.Microsoft Corporation June 2009 Introduction The Risks of Counterfeit Software Microsoft Genuine Software Initiative Benefits of Genuine Microsoft Software Activation Improvements in Windows 7 What Microsoft Is Doing to Help Customers Get Genuine Conclusion Additional Resources Software piracy is one of the most significant problems facing the software industry globally.It not only has an impact on the global economy but it affects legitimate businesses that have to compete with those selling counterfeit software.

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The SPP brings antipiracy innovations, counterfeit detection practices, and tamper-resistance into a complete platform that provides better software protection to individuals, organizations, and the software industry.

Although there are many ways to identify genuine Microsoft software packaging, two of the best are a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and a sophisticated holographic design on the CD or DVD media.

A COA is a label that is on the retail product package or included in the materials that come with a computer purchase (for preloaded software).

Microsoft invests heavily in technologies and product features to make piracy more difficult and to help customers and partners determine whether software packaging and media are genuine.

Such investments include improving packaging, making the Software Protection Platform an integral component of Windows , and providing periodic updates to customers that help them identify and differentiate genuine software.

With the launch of Windows Vista®, Microsoft developed a set of technologies called the Software Protection Platform (SPP).