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This used to be what a large percentage of folk music was all about. This will be an album that will be eagerly awaited by old fans but will easily manage to draw in new fans too." -Kayleigh Dann, Maverick Country "As hard traveling a man as he is, Scott Cook doesn't give into the usual world weary platitudes associated with the 21st century wandering singer-songwriter.He's a thoughtful guy, throwing a hard look at his home province (Alberta, You're Breaking My Heart), and fellow bros (Fellas, Get Out the Way), though still finding space to hilariously celebrate that most venerable of late night dancing and drinking institutions (Kitchen Dance Party On).Look them up if you don't know their tales, or better yet buy this album.

Some chucklers, some political, some from the heart... A forward-thinking role model for the upcoming generation...

The standard ‘Walk That Lonesome Valley’, with some new verses, shows Cook as a worthy successor to those who used song to ease suffering.