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24-Dec-2017 05:05

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This is the same event at which Henke told a crowd that no one needs 64-bit, and sometimes you don’t even need 16.

And, yeah, the debunking music video is more fun that the original rumor.

(Engadget, tragically, said something even more embarassing: "Fair enough, but it means that they’re basically ceding the market for personal video players to Sony, which will be making a big push in this department soon." Uh … The PSP and UMD destroyed Apple’s future.) Just to cover my own blog, I’ll say this: Ableton turn all of Live 9 into a giant vocoder / talkbox. Okay, update — as it happens, check out comments for some excellent arguments for the vocoder resurfacing.

Think drum racks, but the whole Session View is one big carrier. Since I can’t bring any resolution to the existence or non-existence of an Ableton Vocoder (and if I knew of one, I couldn’t tell you, anyway), I’ll just conclude with this: it doesn’t matter. If Ableton builds a vocoder, we’ll have a blast with it.

It’ll be sold as a separate bundle, and Laurie Anderson, Daft Punk, and Kraftwerk will contribute presets. It won’t influence the development of Live the host, just as other instruments haven’t; the host has continued to mature.

If they don’t, well, we’ll go make one in Reaktor or Max or Pd or something.

And other than that, there’s a lot of me talking without really have any idea what I’m talking about — which is why I usually don’t post on Sundays. Just watch the video / sample it in your next Live set.

For those who waited until a week before Christmas, they felt true pain and despair. ” You asked.“We finished way earlier than expected.”“Riko! ” Chika called from the back.“Good evening Chika and Ruby.”“G-Good evening.”Ruby stalked over to the back room with Chika.There was a child actress I did that's actually based on on Stagecrafters, which was my middle school after school theater program.

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