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07-Aug-2017 12:59

It’s a recording of Mary talking to Peter…about killing Jessica Di Laurentis.

Our fave Wine Mom waltzes into the Brew with a fresh new ‘do, and gives Caleb a hug.Veronica still isn’t convinced that the cops aren’t the right way to go here—”someone BROKE into our HOUSE”—but a) maybe you should have ever once locked your kitchen door, lady!And b) Spencer desperately begs her to let this one go. “—and my mom is worried that my brother’s terrible girlfriend will be in our wedding pictures, and will taint the memory of this unsacred family moment forever, and—” Oh, right. We guess his brother is dating someone their mother doesn’t approve of, which, wow, that bar was set so low! But also, the only part we care about here is Ezra using the word “stalking” to describe his brother’s behavior wrt Ezra’s attention to broker a wedding deal these last few days. Aria, for the first time in her life, mirrors our absolute zero degree of interest in this whole story.

While Spencer’s going through a box of stuff that’s headed to the dumpster, she finds a Radley sanitarium baby blanket—most likely the one she was brought home in.He thinks Mary is the culprit and runs out to find her as Spencer and Veronica hang back and listen to Mary tell him she could “pin a lot on him.” Peter’s voice responds, “I think burying a dead body in my yard is plenty.” Veronica is rightly pissed, but Peter tries to reassure her by saying it was “a hundred years ago.” “Six,” Spencer corrects.