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I'll be ignoring the Bowling Mom Rule throughout, but we'll see whether we end up with an even split anyway: Flo/Zach (aka Dead Weight Strategy): Zach does the Road Block (Zach 1, Flo 0) Tammy/Bill Gaghan (aka Ass-Kicking Couple Strategy): Kris does the Road Block (Kris 1, Jon 0) Nancy/Emily (aka All-Female Team Strategy): Emily does the Road Block (Nancy 0, Emily 1) The chosen team members finish the Road Block: 1) TK 2) Nathan 3) Vyxsin 4) Azaria 5) Staella 6) Jason 7) Nicholas 8) Ronald 9) Marianna 10) Kate 11) Jennifer. Teams finish: 1) Rachel/TK 2) Azaria/Hendekea 3) Kynt/Vyxsin 4) Lorena/Jason 5) Nicholas/Donald 6) Shana/Jennifer 7) Kate/Pat 8) Ronald/Christina 9) Marianna/Julia 10) Nathan/Jennifer 11) Ari/Staella, who have been blacklisted by PETA. My poor memory being what it is, I have already referred to this very complete summary twice this week and know that in a month or two or three I will need it even more. After completing the Road Block (I pity the poor producer who got stuck returning the bikes to the start), teams are directed to choose a nearby donkey (Will. Teams are directed to drive thirteen miles, for the first time ever without performing a Detour, to the Pit Stop at Coonemara Heritage Centre. Azaria/Hendekea, who win a trip to Alberta, Canada, which, despite Phil's previous requirements for prize locations, is not "sunny", "tropical", "romantic", or "exotic". Being able to have one source that has we might need to know down the road--flights, order of arrival, who did the Roadblocks, what the Detours are--so well done here all in one thread is a real coup for the TARflies as a whole I think. Jonatas/Rafael, who are saved by a non-elimination. Also, there are currently two spin-off versions in production, with NOBODY else (as far as I can tell) timelining them, so we may have a 'Net exclusive if we do them.Anyway, hopefully the Leg 1 timeline (and some work on TAR: Brazil) will be up tomorrow my time, later today your time. Apskip, I speak a little bit of Portuguese, enough to get by with the website stories, but not a great deal. I'm tinkering around with some new timeline features, among them money comparisons, strategy tips, and race records, so apologies if these seem a little too detailed and long-winded.

In alphabetical order, the 11 teams set to annoy and "entertain" us this season are: A. As always seems to be the case on this show, one of the first leg flights is delayed. In Ireland, teams must get to the ferry in Rosseveal, and take the Aran Island ferry to Inis Mor." In this Roadblock, HIGH-WIRE BIKE, the chosen team member must choose a high-wire bicycle and ride it across a wide ravine, almost 200ft over Cleggan Bay. It arrived approximately 1240 while EI375 from LHR departed late and arrived SNN at approximately 1250. Certainly, rockets have nothing to do with Brazil, but it makes more sense than... In either option, they must then sled down the dune to get the next clue. Andréa & Luciana, who win a trip to Angra dos Reis, Rio De Janeiro. Their partner will go along for the ride, sitting eight feet below. The only way I can figure this task as being culturally Irish is that maybe someone was drunk on Guinness when they invented high-wire biking. I agree with your scheduled 1210 arrival information for EI375. Teams must swim amongst the coral reefs at the aquatic park for clues attached to one of three buoys. Teams had to discover the correct way of addressing a high-ranking military official (apparently, "Oi! It's about a third of the way between Rio and Sao Paulo. Along the way, Nathan/Jennifer are the first couple this season to fight. Then, they had to purchase these four items in the market, and take them to a baiana at the Praça da Sé. Andar [Walk] Vestir: Teams must find the Filhos de Ghandy Cultural Center, then dress a provided mannequin in a traditional orisha costume, using only a photo for assistance. Quebrar: Teams must break clay pot lids until they find one with a small clue baked inside. Jonatas/Rafael, who win a holiday to Rio De Janeiro, and prove it IS possible to beat MFE without a Fast Forward.

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Coincidentally, Jonathan Baker from TAR6 was at Playboy Mansion when the race started Jennifer. That doesn't say much for your life at home, now, does it? ALL EIGHT TEAMS who perform this task complete it as a team, and receive 30-minute penalties as a result. Andar: Teams had to proceed on foot to the Largo de Santo Antônio and find a capoeira circle.

Except now they're acknowledging the porn industry by starting at the Playboy Mansion. Teams on this flight are: Lorena/James, Shana/Jennifer, Kate/Pat, Nathan/Jennifer, and Marianna/Julia.