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Now it's time to work your way to the Generator room, upstairs, first door (or take a huge shortcut, mentioned below).

Instead of heading to the Generator room, you can head right to one of your final tasks: opening the vault.

After collecting the million Rubees inside, return to the bank on the bottom floor to complete the level. Head through the first upstairs door (furthest to the right).

Speak with the warden at the end to take on your first job: making energy by hitting blocks.

It’s easy to use and 100% safe, secure and confidential.

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Download our report to learn about the biggest challenges and how savvy IT executives are overcoming them.Now exit the room and enter the door on the far left to another jail cell.Flip the room to 3D and speak with the inmate that appears in the corner.There's not much to do here for now, aside from making use of the save block and checking the balance of what you owe, so feel free to ignore it for now.

Use the block where the vase used to be to leap to the ledge above.

Once the vase shatters, the maid will run in and proclaim it was her true love, and as a result, she'll task you with earning back its worth: all 1,000,000 Rubees of it.

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