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In her infancy the girl we will call “Jerusha Faith” may be enticed with a toy and swatted for reaching for it.

She may be fed only when Mama says and not when her tummy says she is truly empty and hungry.

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You will ease into motherhood with confidence, grace and an eager desire to serve.

About the time she is in her “tween” years Jerusha Faith will be expected to begin formally learning the housekeeping tasks, social skills and other practical knowledge she will need as her future husband’s helpmeet and mother of his children.

While it is important to remember that all families are different, one popular “program” for training girls and teens in these skills centers on Ann Ward’s huge Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers At Home. Craig (Ann) Ward,” on the title page offers a Ph.d.

[See: With her character trained, her mind directed to thoughts of others and her purity guarded what’s left for Jerusha Faith to do? While still in diapers, she will begin learning to help with simple household chores.

She will definitely have chores to do almost from the moment she learns to walk. Duggar, her mother may use the Naturally, all of these chores can be “supplemented” with corrective chastisement as necessary.So much focus is placed on these qualities that other educational subjects are often severely neglected.