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16-Nov-2017 03:36

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Tweet One of the most comfortable ways of getting around Barcelona is in a taxi, but bear in mind that it’s not always the quickest option; depending on the time of day and where you’re going, it’s possible that other forms of transport that are just as straightforward and usually cheaper.

Barcelona’s taxis are immediately recognised by their colour.

The service has been created by the Italian taxi drivers’ union (URI, Unione Radiotaxi Italiani).

Customers can either use their smartphone’s location service or type in an address to find the nearest available taxi, which can then be booked and paid for on their phone.

The California-based chauffeur car service has been blamed for taking clients away from licensed taxi drivers and leading to a rise in unregulated drivers.

Creators of the it Taxi app say that their customers’ requests are channelled through local taxi operators that are backed by the URI.

You’ll therefore find taxi ranks at every train and bus station, plus of course at the airport.

Entrevista a Agustí Colom, regidor d'Empresa i Turisme de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona Agustí Colom Cabau, regidor d'Empresa i Turisme de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona i regidor del Districte de Les Corts, presenta, en aquesta entrevista, la segona edició del curs d'anglès On Line Englis...In Barcelona there are many taxi ranks, situated at strategic points throughout the city such as major bus stops, train stations and at the airport, plus at the busier tourist destinations such as the Plaça de Catalunya.You can go to the taxi rank and approach the first taxi in the line.These rates are updated periodically, with the last update being in December 2011.

In addition to these prices, surcharges will apply for the transport of luggage and pets.Apoya al taxista local Al contrario que otras aplicaciones para pedir taxi en el mercado, que son propiedad de empresas o grandes multinacionales internacionales del transporte, Pide Taxi es un proyecto 100% local puesto en marcha por la Asociación de Radio Taxi de España.