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University of Ediacara An online virtual university created by Talk. Oxyaena's Homepage A website dedicated to defending evolutionary biology against cranks such as creationists, also includes some general scientific material as well. Truth Be Known religion mythology archaeology history astrotheology archeoastronomy Bad News About Christianity Bible Inspectors Compares various explanations for difficult biblical passages.Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Ceiling Cat Pictures Date Jesus God is Imaginary Godless Bastard Faith Fighter Shows how religions often fuel conflicts between nations and people. Bib Viz Project List of Biblical contradictions Brick Testament Lego characters recreate Bible stories Christianity Disproved Beyond a reasonable doubt Christianity Revealed Coming Out Godless Evil Bible Faith Freedom Freethought Nation God Murders Dissecting the bible Holey Books International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) Losing my Religion Luciferian Liberation Front Parody Tracts No Beliefs Operation Clambake Pissy Bishop Purpose of Christmas Exposing Pastor Rick Warren Religion Hurts Humanity Rick Ross Institute for Cult Education Skeptics Annotated Bible Also includes Book of Mormon and Quran This is my abortion Refuting once and for all, the Pro-Life anti-abortion propaganda.Stephen Uhl Tim Minchin Science sites may have posts that refer to atheism, or refer to a lack of religion.

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Iron Chariots Wiki Large counter apologetics and atheism wiki Holy Koolaid Atheism and free thought blog and Youtube channel List of Atheist Websites Margaret Downey fan site No Beliefs No Need For Religon (NNFR) The Off Channel Crushing God claims with reason and humorous comics.