Speed dating pros and cons

05-Nov-2017 08:18

Some people insist that this new found version of dating is tacky and desperate while others proclaim it’s the perfect way to meet a lot of eligible singles interested in a relationship at once. Unlike traditional dates that can drag into hours, speed dating guarantees that you’ll only be talking to one person for 5-10 minutes.Since there are so many mixed feelings about speed dating, we dove into some research and put together a list of pros and cons for all of you considering trying it out. This is ideal for when you’re talking to a total dud or complete jerk- you just have to remind yourself it’s ending super soon.Even if you walk away from a person feeling great about your conversation and feeling interested in pursuing your connection, they could have had an even better connection with someone else. People who don’t do well in regular social settings or have a hard time getting far in the dating game are usually the first people to sign up for a speed dating event.It’s a huge guessing game that could potentially leave you feeling worse than when you got there, especially if you’re a naturally insecure person. Bluntly put, eligible people usually don’t have to resort to speed dating.That means that the people who do end up at an event could be desperate and undesirable.

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However, you also know how important it is to have a good personal life.Having someone who cares about you (and you care about) is very important as well as raising a family. SO, before you decide to find the next speed dating event in your area for your age or according to your interests, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of speed dating.

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