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When we talk about Abraham Lincoln and his relationships with women one of the first questions we need to ask is, Did Abe play for the other team? Readers should keep a skeptical eye when approaching Tripp’s work.

Several authors have hinted that Lincoln may have been a closet homosexual. Several years after the publication of his book one of his co-authors The most damning evidence used to tag Lincoln a homosexual is the fact that at several points in his lifetime he shared his bed with other men.

It is said the spirit of General Henry Knox, George Washington’s Secretary of War, visited Lincoln that night to advise him on military tactics.

It could be argued that Mary Lincoln let her mind run wild during those bleak years in the White House.

The humor and sentiment is definitely Lincoln’s, and Herndon didn’t have any reason to lie to Weik about the story.

They both understood it would be inappropriate to include it in their biography of Lincoln. She came to New Salem from Green County, Kentucky to visit her sister sometime in 1833.

As a result she was forced to take care of the Lincoln home and children on her own.

From all accounts when he was home Lincoln was a very permissive father and let the children run wild. When he was offered the Governorship of Oregon Mary encouraged him to decline the office.

Mary Owens was the exact opposite of Abraham Lincoln.They spent their first two years together living at the Globe Tavern at Springfield.Two years later they moved into their own home at Springfield where they would spend the rest of their time together, other than their years in the White House., the President’s secretary, described her as a “hellcat.” Some of her problems can be explained by her situation.Mary took it particularly hard and turned to a number of spiritualists for comfort. Lincoln attended several séances during their time in Washington.

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One séance at the White House was conducted by medium Charles Shauckle, and was witnessed by a reporter from the Boston Gazette.She wrote Herndon in 1866 saying, “I suppose that my feelings were not sufficiently enlisted to have the matter consummated. Browning on August 1, 1838, describing his thoughts on Mary Owens, “…although I had seen her before, she did not look as my imagination pictured her.

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