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Third, it will analyse the macro and distributional implications of adaptation-driven energy use with an economy-energy model characterising the distribution of energy use dynamics across and within countries.Given the central role of energy as multiplier for socioeconomic development and as enabling condition for climate resilience, the research proposed in ENERGYA will result in timely insights for the transition towards sustainability described by the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations as well as the Paris International Climate Agreement.By taking into consideration the whole range of writings on Aristotle—from speculative to civil philosophy and from translations through to poems—it will provide a more nuanced understanding of how philosophy was understood and practiced outside of the elite, Latin circles of universities and religious orders.Social media and the digitization of news and discussion fora are having far-reaching effects on the way individuals and communities communicate, organize, and express themselves.These nine countries are interesting cases for comparison because of their different positions within the process of globalisation, the specificities of their socio-cultural contexts, and also because they have all experienced mobilisations for PDWs’ rights.The project will be carried out by the PI and two senior post-doc researchers based in Italy, with the support of nine experts in the selected countries. During this period, around 250 works—including translations, commentaries, compendia, dialogues, poems, and other compositions—attempted to broaden people’s familiarity with the most systematic philosopher of antiquity.It will develop the conceptual foundations, methodologies, and tools to translate this bold vision into reality and demonstrate its power in a large number of cases.ODYCCEUS stands for Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces.

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Dom EQUAL profits from this opportunity to provide a global comparison of PDWs’ social positions, especially in the socio-economic and legal fields.Would this facilitate early detection and perhaps even ways to resolve conflicts before they lead to violence?The ODYCCEUS project answers all these questions affirmatively.The project seeks conceptual breakthroughs in Global Systems Science, including a fine-grained representation of cultural conflicts based on conceptual spaces and sophisticated text analysis, extensions of game theory to handle games with both divergent interests and divergent mindsets, and new models of alignment and polarization dynamics.

The project will also develop an open modular platform, called PENELOPE, that integrates tools for the complete pipeline, from data scraped from social media and digital sources, to visualization of the analyses and models developed by the project.In so doing, it aims at a theoretical and methodological contribution that goes beyond PDW and addresses the construction of social inequalities within globalisation more generally.