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From the personal and political upheavals of the First World War, through to Clementine’s efforts to preserve her husband’s health during the struggle against Hitler, Purnell presents the often ignored story of one of the most important women in British history.

Here, writing for , the author reveals six lesser-known facts about Clementine Churchill…

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By his own admission, the Second World War would have been “impossible without her” Clementine was Winston’s emotional rock and his most trusted confidante; not only was she involved in some of the most crucial decisions of war, but she exerted an influence over her husband and the government that would appear scandalous to modern eyes.

Yet her ability to charm Britain’s allies and her humanitarian efforts on the home front earned her deep respect, both behind closed doors in Whitehall and among the population at large.

Now, in her new book, , biographer Sonia Purnell explores the peculiar dynamics of this fascinating union.

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